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Welcome to VRC Calgary a member of the ACTI group of companies.

Virtual Reality Check Calgary is a VR company focused on Construction and Engineering tools for the virtual world. We develop construction simulations for all industries and have started to use this training in our mother company, ACTI Calgary and Edmonton. These VR tools will enhance the skills of the participant in a zero harm environment.  The VR world allows the participants to be 100% engaged in the training with zero external distractions. Visual learning aids are essential in adult learning and Virtual Reality brings this essential learning tool into our classrooms. In our schools we will use VR as a portion of the visual and tactile training required to ensure zero harm in the learning process.

In 2020 ACTI and VRC Calgary will be offering new services with, learning management system(LMS) development, Course material upload and narration services, Cloud servers and Data management. Through our hard work we have excelled in our field and are now ready to help our clients modernize their training systems with digital training, document management and Virtual reality.


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