Hydraulic Torque Simulation

Hydraulic Tensioner Preview - LO-RES.gif

This simulator is a version of a hydraulic torque tool and is used to teach our participants the sequencing of the common type bolt up. This tool is used to train  personnel on the proper use of such tools and the procedure for the quality programs, required by most clients in the industrial realms of maintenance and construction. Along with multiple participants in the simulations at the same time,  we are able to increase the number of torque wrench’s depending on the bolt up configuration and client request.

Our tool can be converted into any size flange or configuration of bolt up. This 6″ #150 flange should be torqued up with a hand torque wrench, this 6″ 150# has been selected for the simulation  and is the first of many Hydraulic torque simulations.

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