About us

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VRC Calgary was a vision of ours about 1year ago and it has finally come to light in the form of VR. We have just released our website and 5 construction training simulators. Our team of computer experts have converted many BIM Models for engineering firms over the last 6 months and we have taken the construction walk through for the engineering house to the next level. This model walk through will be essential to construction teams in the very near future. This will allow savings in wasted time during the construction process. Our advance work packaging training will be released in May followed by the first version of our work package assembly tool.

VRC Calgary has over 100 years of combined experience in construction, construction management and engineering. We have in house computer, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering capability and we can work with your projects to create virtual reality presentations including full BIM model walk through.  If your project has no BIM model we can help create one!

ACTI is the sole distributor of all virtual reality training material, construction simulations and visual engineering solutions. Please contact us for pricing on various purchase plans and maintenance packages for the systems.  Contact Wade Glavine at vrccalgary@gmail.com or call me at 780 381 5442 in Calgary