Elevated Work Platform Training


VRC Calgary has developed this Elevated Work Platform simulator to help students with an interactive learning application that would enhance their abilities in the use of this equipment. Our JLG 450 AJ seen above has been modeled and all functions work just like the real thing. There is a obstacle course in the simulator, so you can become proficient in maneuvering the lift in a zero harm environment. We also have an industrial exchanger module in the simulation, that you can access various systems around the full 360 degree of the module.

During your experience, we can score you on your performance in the lift and the operation of the lift through our simulator along with the instructor. Our instructor will be in the simulation at the same time, watching your movements just  as we would do during the real machine practical during our training classes at ACTI Calgary and Edmonton.  All simulations are recorded for competency checks on employees if requested. This type of training will aid large corporations in being dually diligent in there effort to train employees with reasonable care in mind. This proves due diligence in the eyes of  OH&S.

VRC Calgary has a 120 ft ewp simulator coming soon. These lifts are rare on sites and extra training is usually required to show reasonable care has been taken to train employees. Call us to discuss your needs.



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