Critical Lift Simulation

VR Critical Lift Simulation

This training and critical lift is one of a kind in our industry. This training is for heavy lift and critical lift which entails 4 hours of classroom training on the critical lift process and then simulation of a 52,000 lb module lift, using this Liebherr 1200 tonne hydraulic crane. During this simulation our participants (up to 5) will act as a lifting crew and complete a critical lift and place this module into its position atop of the structure behind the crane.

This simulation can be video taped for a record of the participants performance and for the instructor in the evaluation of the participants skills. Our simulator will produce a score at the end of the simulation and in combination with the instructors evaluation the participants will be assessed in competency. Below is the specification on the crane.

crane 1200

LTM 11200-9.1 Mobile crane

The LTM 11200-9.1 delivers maximum load capacity and one of the longest telescopic booms in the world.


Max. load capacity 1,200 t
Telescopic boom 100 m
Max. hoist height 188 m
Max. radius 136 m
Number of axles                              9