Fire Extinguisher Training Simulators

VR Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator

This simulator is to train participants in the use of fire extinguishers on different classes of fires and in different scenarios. We have an industrial module and residential module. Each module has 3 different fires types, with a choice from 3 extinguishers to choose from. All scenarios are scored based on the requirements to put the fire out in a real situation.

Our course consists of classroom training and then the trainee completes practical’s in the simulator to ensure proper use.  Trainees are able to identify the class of fire and then extinguish the fire using the correct class extinguisher.  All this is done in a zero harm environment and can recorded for competency purposes.

Mixed Reality Fire Simulator

This simulator has a real 5LB and 20LB fire extinguisher is in the virtual world.  Yes we have tracking and complete functionality of real fire extinguisher while in the virtual world. Pull the pin and squeeze the trigger on the extinguisher to put out multiple fires. The visual and immersive representation that VR / AR brings to the table and the realism of having the actual fire extinguisher in your hand to use, makes this simulator leaps ahead of our competition.