The VRC VR Glove


VRC Calgary has just developed our own VR glove, for use in our simulators. These gloves will be used to increase the realism of our simulations. With these gloves, we will be able to manipulate things in the VR world like signaling our crane in the heavy lift simulation. We will also be able to pick things up or move switches and levers in our forklift and EWP simulator. We currently have Mixed Reality fire and bear spray simulations that will be using the glove to pick up a real extinguisher of bear spray canister.



Control of Hazardous Energy


In this VRC Calgary simulator we instruct the participant in what should be done to isolate high voltage equipment and what the lockout arrangement should look like as per the isolation procedure. This procedure will be reviewed and signed of as the procedure proceeds through its steps and then signoff as complete at the end.  This simulation is also completed in a “Zero Harm” environment.

Overhead Crane


The VRC Calgary virtual reality, overhead crane training simulator is complete and has all the functionality of the real crane.  We have implemented physics in our simulator so, the hook has the real like swing when starting and stopping the movement of the bridge or trolley. In this simulation we use an obstacle course and scoring system within our programing. We can also have the instructor in the simulation assessing the trainee performance, as we would with the presence of a real crane.  During our simulation we can safely teleport to the bridge of the crane and inspect the components of the overhead crane including the bridge travel motors and rails .  This is not always available or possible in some facilities, as there is no access.

This simulator was developed using our philosophy of  “Zero Harm” . Our simulator includes training on the 2 different type head sets we use and set up of the equipment.

Hydraulic Torque Simulation

Hydraulic Tensioner Preview - LO-RES.gif

This simulator is a version of a hydraulic torque tool and is used to teach our participants the sequencing of the common type bolt up. This tool is used to train  personnel on the proper use of such tools and the procedure for the quality programs, required by most clients in the industrial realms of maintenance and construction. Along with multiple participants in the simulations at the same time,  we are able to increase the number of torque wrench’s depending on the bolt up configuration and client request.

Our tool can be converted into any size flange or configuration of bolt up. This 6″ #150 flange should be torqued up with a hand torque wrench, this 6″ 150# has been selected for the simulation  and is the first of many Hydraulic torque simulations.

Scaffolding Simulation


This simulation is to assist in the assessment of scaffolding personnel and to give new workers to the trade the training in a zero harm environment. This tool will allow a procedural build and a evaluation mode where the scaffolder is assessed on his/her assembly and disassembly skills.

All scaffold builds are recorded to assist in evaluations and a competency check for employers. Using this tool you will be able to test your personnel before they go to the field.



Elevated Work Platform Training


VRC Calgary has developed this Elevated Work Platform simulator to help students with an interactive learning application that would enhance their abilities in the use of this equipment. Our JLG 450 AJ seen above has been modeled and all functions work just like the real thing. There is a obstacle course in the simulator, so you can become proficient in maneuvering the lift in a zero harm environment. We also have an industrial exchanger module in the simulation, that you can access various systems around the full 360 degree of the module.

During your experience, we can score you on your performance in the lift and the operation of the lift through our simulator along with the instructor. Our instructor will be in the simulation at the same time, watching your movements just  as we would do during the real machine practical during our training classes at ACTI Calgary and Edmonton.  All simulations are recorded for competency checks on employees if requested. This type of training will aid large corporations in being dually diligent in there effort to train employees with reasonable care in mind. This proves due diligence in the eyes of  OH&S.

VRC Calgary has a 120 ft ewp simulator coming soon. These lifts are rare on sites and extra training is usually required to show reasonable care has been taken to train employees. Call us to discuss your needs.



Man Basket Lift Simulation


VR Man Basket Lift Simulations

During my years as a Pipefitter, I went in many man baskets and my first ride was a great experience for me. My training was trial by fire, but this simulator will help in training the younger generation in a zero harm environment. This tool will allow the participants to signal the crane and the opportunity to feel the exact same feelings you would in the real situation. This simulator can allow the participant the training required in these dangerous situations, during crane operations with personnel lifting baskets .

Critical lift rigging processes are followed in this simulation and the participant will verbally signal the crane, to change a flare tip at the top of the stack. During this simulation the participant learns the critical lift process for lifting personnel and experience a man basket job in a safe environment.

Critical Lift Simulation

VR Critical Lift Simulation

This training and critical lift is one of a kind in our industry. This training is for heavy lift and critical lift which entails 4 hours of classroom training on the critical lift process and then simulation of a 52,000 lb module lift, using this Liebherr 1200 tonne hydraulic crane. During this simulation our participants (up to 5) will act as a lifting crew and complete a critical lift and place this module into its position atop of the structure behind the crane.

This simulation can be video taped for a record of the participants performance and for the instructor in the evaluation of the participants skills. Our simulator will produce a score at the end of the simulation and in combination with the instructors evaluation the participants will be assessed in competency. Below is the specification on the crane.

crane 1200

LTM 11200-9.1 Mobile crane

The LTM 11200-9.1 delivers maximum load capacity and one of the longest telescopic booms in the world.


Max. load capacity 1,200 t
Telescopic boom 100 m
Max. hoist height 188 m
Max. radius 136 m
Number of axles                              9